Carpet: Iran


Hamadan Rug
Designers of Hamadan carpets

Unlike variety and richness of texture, common in region of Hamadan, one cannot name great designers, but a few persons in big cities.

All the splendor and beauty of Hamadan spectacular carpets are due to wonderful culture, creative intellect and ornament of nature of dwellers in this territory such as Shahabeddin Kowsari, the great talented designer whose designs were utilized for many years by CARPET COMPANY OF IRAN and who worked sometimes for Hamadan producers.

Another personality in this field is Eshagh Iranpour (Mirza Eshagh), whose designs were quite initiative.

Other designers are: Mirza Reza Yeganeh, Ali Asghar Hosseinkhani, Ahmad Ghaffari (whose son, Mohammad is still active in this field), Hassan Shahidi and sons Mohammad and Ahmad, Assadollah Shahini, great designer of the Hamadan in the Past time.

One of the famous artists in the field of designing in Hamadan is Mohammad Gilani, working in this branch for 50 years and produced some beautiful designs for foreign companies, important merchants and Carpet Company of Iran.



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