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Garous Rug
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In the past, weaving equipment was primitive. Looms were crooked and un-straight and this could be the cause of lopsided and diagonal rugs. Another reason was the use of wool for warps and wefts; as wool has elasticity, it is hard to wind it monotonously on the loom.

Today, unfixed steel looms are used and old primitive ones used only in some houses of region. Warps and wefts of most rugs are yarn and sometimes, silk threads are used.

Wool is scarcely spun by hand. Increase use of factory skein, causes yarn wefts and warps use and whole wool rugs are scarcely found.

To weave delicate and high value rugs, they use level and monochrome white wool and sometimes crimson and dark blue for ground. Today, rugs have colorful wefts, cinnamon or light blue.



Garous Rug

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