Carpet: Iran

Garous Rug



1- Hunting, like Medallion-Hunting and Scenery-Hunting

2- Portrait, like "Leili and Majnoun", miniature and myth designs

3- Gol Farang, like Mostofi Gol Farang, Turreted Gol Farang, Corner-Medallion Gol Farang, Bouquet and Arabesque Gol Farang (twisted), Flower, Bird and Vase Gol Farang

4- Crab

5- Repeated, like Shiraz Inlaid Repeated and Gol Farang Repeated

6- Minakhani

7- Tree and Flower, like Quattro Tree and Flower and Mostofi Tree and Flower

8- Palmette Flower, like Overall Palmette Flower, corner-medallion, plain,

9- Arabesque, like Gol Farang Arabesque, Geometric Arabesque (Sardari), Dragon Head (Dragon Mouth)

10- Tree, like Weeping Willow, Bird Flower Tree, Scenery Tree, Vase Tree, Cashmere Tree (Aigrette)

11- In and Out Fish, like Bijar Fish, Senneh Fish, Afshar Fish, Mirak Fish, Zobeideh Fish, Hassan Timur Fish

12- Geometric, like Samanbar Khanoum, Broken Arabesque, Shiraz Inlaid In and Out Fish

13- Imaginary images on most of local woven, like Imaginary Animals, Plants, Objects and Human and Geometric and abstract designs



Garous Rug

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