Illuminator and Rug Painter

Mohammad Hossein Naqsheh-chi



Born in 1903, Arak, Iran
Father: Ali Naqsheh-chi, rug designer

He learned designs and images of traditional Iranian carpet from his father and became expert when he was sixteen (1919) and while learning French Language.

In 1920, he went to Qom and started to design rug in the employ of Hossein Qaffari, carpet trader.

Then, he came to Tehran and commenced with "ancient Art School", which was established by "Behzad", as designer.

He was also acquaintance with calligraphy.
His wife was a carpet weaver.
In the last two years of his life, again, he studied French language.

Mohammad Hossein Naqsheh-chi deceased in 1988.



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