Iran Carpet


Contemporary Iranian Designers

Mirza Ahmad, 1st World War

Hossein Taqdisi
Mirza Ali Akbar, 1st World War Abbas Mohtashamzadeh
Reza Sanei, 1887-1987 Amir Karimpour
Abbas Sanii, 1881-1964 Hassan Marefati
Nasrollah Naqashzadeh, 1895-1980 Kahkashani
Reza Vafa, 1st World War Moini
Ali Ashraf Kashani, 1st World War
Morteza Darvish Kazem, 1st World War
Mehdi Sanei, 1st World War
Mahmoud Sanii, 1st World War
Farokh Afsari, 1897-1987
Mohammad Sanii, 1915
Mohammad Afsari
Nezam Afsari
Ali Sanei
Amir Afsari



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