Designing Carpets

Iranian Designs




List of some Iranian Carpet Designs:

1- Akhal
2- Puppet (Mullah Nasreddin)
3- Bu Ali Sina’s Tomb
4- Dragon
5- Arabesque :
a) Leaved ; b) Simple ; c) Trunk ; d) Rolled ; e) Flowered ; f) Snail ; g) Dragon-Mouth ;
h) Brocken ; i) Galaxy ; j) Snake
6- Isfahan Design
7- Afshar Design
8- All-Over Design
9- Afghan Design
10- Armlet Design
11- Garden Design
12- Bukhara Design
13- Bakhtiari design
14- Baluch design:

a)    Salarkhani, b) Turkmen, c) Ghasemabadi, d) Vase, e) Prayer-carpet, f) Paisley, g) Herati, h) Armlet, I) Sangan, j) Kaskoul, k) Frame (Four-Frame), l) Narcissi margin, m) Poshti, n) Two-margins.

15- Designing:

a)   Multi-panel, b) Puppet, c) Tree, d)Medallion, e)Inscriptive, f) Armlet, g) Stag-horn with animal, h) Bouquet.

16- Paisley designs:

a)    Afshar, b) Almond, c) Armlet, d) Cashmere, e) Aigrette, f) Robe, g) Twin, h) Senneh, I) Stag-horn, j) Branch and leaf, k) Pine, l) Kerman, m) Kashmir, n) Mother and child, o) Fish, p) Miri, r) Other Botteh designs (native and not famous, such as: Jujube-red, chicken)

17- Turkish-Shiraz design
18- Weeping willow design
19- Tendril design
20- Persepolis design
21- Caucasian Medallion design
22- Turkmen designs:

a)    Mari Gol, b) Tekkeh-gol, c)Afghan, d) Ghouchan, e) Sheltered General weave, f) Yamut Panel, g) Saddle-bag (silique), h) Dar Gol, I) Aghayegh, j) Bukhara, k) Yamut, l)Akhal, m) Chaharghab, n) Flower-shelf, o) Spoon, p) Gazelle-eye, q) Dornab,……

23- Zigzag design
24- Forest
25- Joshaghan
26- Multi-Mihrab
27- Four-season
28- Animal:

     a) Stag-horn, b) Tree with animal, c) Crab, d) Turtle, e) Butterfly, f) Dragon, g) Animal.

29- Shiraz Inlaid
30- Chinese
31- Chinese Arabesque
32- Khorasani
33- Crab
34-Tree: a) With animal,  b) Vase
35-Tree Vase:  
a) Tree, b) Tree with animal, c) Vase, d) Repeated Vase, e) Two-sided Vase, f) Columned Vase, g) Overall Vase, h) Zil-i-Sultan Vase, I) Prayer-niche (Mihrab)

36- Crab design
37- Tiny Fish design
38- Plain ground
39- Broken cord
40- Underground (Zirkhaki)
41- Water-front
42- Shah Abbasi Prayer-carpet
43- Prayer-carpet
44- Sajjadah Saf design
45- Overall
46- Imamzadeh Mahrogh’s Façade
47- Zigzag Sa’di
48- Bouquet Sa’di
49- Butterfly
50- Chestnut
51- Shahseven
52- Shah Abbasi
53- Shah Abbasi (big flower)
54- Hunting: 
      a) Panel, b) Tree, c) Medallion, d) Overall, e) Corner-Medallion

55- Sheykh Safi
56- Shiraz
57- Seashell
58- Portrait
59- Tagh Bostan
60- Tagh Kasra
61- False Arch (Taghnama)
62- Ghasemabadi
63- Panel
64- Multi-Panel
65- Spoon
66- Qashqai: 
      a) Mostowfi, b) Heybatloo, c) Broken Mir, d) Zil-i-Sultan, e) Hajj Khanomi, f) Nazim

67- Caucasus design
68- Ink Pot
69- Lantern
70- Ghouchan
71- Kurd
72- Kerman
73- Kashkoul
74- Jug
75-  Stack
76-  Pomegranate-flower
77- Henneh flower
78- Vase
79- Two-sided vase
80- Big flower
81- Tiny flower
82- Golsepari
83- Star-flower
84- Seashell flower
85- Shah Abbasi flower
86- Gol Farang
87- Flower and Plant
88- Hall Dome of Ali Ghapoo
89- Sultaniyeh Dome
90- Gonbad Kavous (Kavous Tomb)
91- Gouyek corner
92- Turtle

93- Corner-Medallion: 
a) Simple Corner-Medallion, b) Medallion, c) Corner, d) Turreted Medallion, e) Corner-Medallion, f) Plain-weave, g) Series with Medallion, h) Caucasus Medallion, I) Shirvan Medallion, j) Geometrical Corner-Medallion, k) Tressed Corner-Medallion

94- Leili and Majnoun design
95- In and Out Fish design
96- Reticular Fish design
97- Herati Fish design
98- Feast design

99- Prayer – niche design: 
a) Tree prayer-niche, b) Scenery prayer-niche, c) Bastardan prayer-niche, d) Lantern prayer-niche, e) Vase prayer-niche

100- Portrait prayer-niche
101- Flower and Paisley prayer-niche
102- Thousand-flower prayer-niche
103- Geometrical prayer-niche
104- Mostowfi
105- Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque
106- Sultani Mosque
107- Sheykh Safi’s Tomb
108- Four-season scenery
109- Mil Gonbad
110- Minakhani
111- Nazim
112- Namakdan (Salt container)
113- Half-panel
114- Vagireh
115- Varamin

116- Herati design: 
a) Tiny Fish, b) Sturgeon, c) In and out Fish, d) Reticular Fish, e) Senneh Fish, f) Farahan Fish, g) Herati Fish

117- Heybatloo
118- Yamuti design



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