Designing Carpets

Designs and Images (19)




Composite Patterns

These images have no special patterns and are only a combination of different carpet designs. Some of them are:
“Twisted branch with Medallion”, “Overall with Medallion”, “Vase Corner-Medallion”, “Arabesque Panel”, “Multi-panel”, “Scenery”, “Bouquet Medallion”, “Floral Medallion”, “Plain-weaves Medallion”, “Plain-weave Corner- Medallion”…

Composite Multi-Panel
In this pattern, each panel has it’s own design. Some of multi-panel designs are a collection of images from different regions.

Composite Bouquet Corner-Medallion
In these patterns, corners and central medallion are full of multi-colored flowers and some twisted branches often full of buds, have surrounded the central medallion. Margins include Arabesque with Bouquet designs.

Composite Scenery
The main images are distinctive perspectives of buildings and palaces in the middle of medallion. The most famous this type, is “Sarough” (Arak) carpet.



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