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Turkmen Designs

“Shaneh” is one of the distinguished characteristics of Turkmen carpets, which is an additional weaving at two ends of the carpet.
This design includes different samples, such as: “Ghab Yamut Shanei”, “Gozakhal gazelle”, Four Frame (Chahar ghab), “Silique” (khorjini) and spoon.

Turkmen Akhal (Bokharaian)
Ground is adorned by inscriptive and lozenge or spindle shape panels, which are sometimes connected to each others by interesting lines. Lozenges often include broken and geometrical images. Ground is mostly camel-colored or dark blue and main colors are red, white and black. Black lines create the design and white balances the red color of main images.

Spoon design (Yamut)
This name is derived from its similarity to Turkmen inlaid spoon handles. Spindle shape images, which are separated from each other with wide stripes, could be seen all over the ground. Red, black and white colors are mostly used.



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