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Tree Design

Plants and trees have always been a holly character in Iranian culture. Iranian weavers have attentively designed plant and tree images from ancient time. Usage of this design has originated from a village called “Ravar” near Kerman.
Carpet with tree design, are fully covered by leaves, flowers, cedar trees, animals and ponds. Arrangement of these elements, are either symmetrical and connected to each other, or unsymmetrical. Different tree designs are: Animal, Floral or Waterfront, Medallion, Cedar Tree, Vase, Overall and Corner-Medallion designs.

Tree design with Animal
This design, reminisces a thicket where domestic and wild animals are playing, jumping and resting. Wide margin, mostly include ground images in a smaller size, but slightly changed. Despite the other carpet designs, this one is not symmetrical at all, but a balance is observed in the combination of images.

Tree Floral design
This design is full of natural flowers especially sweetbrier and leaves, which are woven either with or without margin. Margins are woven relatively wide and are known as “Self-Margin”, “Broken Margin” or “Court Margin”. In a kind of Floral design, which is known as “Water-Front”, the central Medallion is made of a Water-Front full of a variety of colorful flowers.



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