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This is one of the oldest carpet’s images. There are different theories, that what kind of image or abstract plant does this symbol refers to. It is a simile of hen, flower leaf, tree, fire flame, and is very similar to cedar that has an important role in miniature and Persian Literature. Paisley images have different names, such as: Stag horn paisley, Aigrette, Cashmere, Sarsabzi, Robe, Isfahan engraver, Kurdistanian, Borken Mir, Senneh Corner-Medallion, Afshari and Armlet.

Aigrette (Kerman Paisley)
The main image is the famous “Boteh-Jegheh”. Central Medallion is formed by one or more concentric medallions, that, also are decorated by tiny flowers, different olive leaves, half panels and Aigrette (Boteh-Jegheh). Non of the margins have any clear borders and there is no separating line between corners and margins. Corners spread all over the margins in the form of turreted.

Botteh Miri (Sarband)
In fact this is design of a pine tree, which its roots could be found in Sarband, one of the counties of Arak.

Octagon (Kurdistan Paisley)
This name is derived from the octagon paisley shapes, which are seen intermittently all over the ground. The empty space produced by octagon paisley shapes- symmetrically created in ground- is actually another modified eight-pointed star, which includes geometrical images.



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