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Naming a design means repeating the same images all over the pattern. Different categories of designs are as follows:
Arabesque, Tendril, Broken, Inscriptive, Mostowfi, Multi-panel, Cedar, Bakhtiari, Feast, Bandarijani (Corner-Medallion), cluster of grapes, stag horn panel, Animal, Shiraz Inlaid and Bouquet.

Panel Arabesque
It is a common design in Kerman including various Shah Abbasi flowers with different colors, which repeat in a symmetrical style, while multiple Arabesque patterns surround them. Flowers are connected to each other by these Arabesque patterns.

Inscriptive Repetition
This is one of the designs, known as “Multi-Panel” design. The main image is repeated inscriptive and panel shapes. Inscriptive and panels include altered decorative images. Mostly, there are repeated decorative images between the inscriptive and panels. Margins are also in harmony with the ground design.

Multiple Lozenge (Multi-Panel) (Kheshti)
This design is more common in Southern tribes of Iran, and is a combination of connected lozenges, that each of them includes birds, flowers, leaves and geometrical images. These designs are alternately and intermittently spread over all the ground,  and smaller similar images are placed in margins.

Repeated Panels
It is the repetition of “Kheshti” images over all the ground.

Armlet (Bazubandi) image
These images are derived from the shape of frames, armlets and belts, which were gained by victorious champions. The armlet image is made of diamond shape designs, which contain similar geometrical forms.
These images are mostly plain and fine lozenges with broken lines, which most probably are the continuation of cloth designs origined from Achamenian era. These carpets are woven on the horizontal looms. Armlet image is also known as “Shir-o-Shekari” (Milk and sugar design).

Stag Horn Panel with animal
This image is mainly based on twists and curves of a stag horn. So that designed flowers, leaves and buds, are limited by a twisted stag horn shape. Thus flowers are intermittently and symmetrically arranged. Delicately, small animals, like gazelle, deer and stag are seen, by the flowers.

Panel Bouquet image
These carpets are a combination of a series of palm leaves, Shah Abbasi flowers and abstract bouquets. One kind of Panel Bouquet images, includes a central medallion and four corners, at each corner of the carpet, and is called “Bouquet – Medallion”.

Medallion, water pool image
This design, which is one of the most ancient carpet designs, is also called “Frame” or  and “Multi – Panel”. Pazirik carpet is the oldest sample of this class. This design belongs to the tribes of Fars. Ground includes many multi-sided Medallions that are intermittently- with or without an intermediate-arranged next to each other. Medallion is filled by common patterns and images of region.



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