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Derivative Pattern

These are the patterns, which have been brought to Iran from other countries, and used with some changes such as: Afghan, Anatolia (Turkey), Caucasus, Tapestry (France) and… derivative patterns.

Caucasian Derivative patterns
These designs are derived from traditional Caucasian images. These are among the imaginary tribe designs, which are woven by horizontal looms mostly in North Eastern part of Iran and in Turkmen Sahra. Parallelograms, lozenges, squares, polygons are the main constituents of these designs, which are the main constituents of these designs, cross shapes, snail and zigzag lines. These are in form of abstract, geometrical and symmetrical.

Derivative Tapestry
Using the patterns called “Gol Farang”, which are used in medallions and corners, make a design like the French Tapestry (Goblin).



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