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All-Over Flower Design

The main idea of this pattern contains flowers, plants, branches and leaves, which all together reveal Iranian flower gardens. This pattern has no the medallion and those with corners include smaller ones, than usual.
All-Over flower designs, considering animal, flower and plant shapes are classified as follows:
Arabesque All-Over Flower, Chinese, Panel, broken, Pomegranate flower, twisted branch, Bouquet with animals, Medallion and Minakhani.

Minakhani design
The original patterns have been found in Kurdistan, Bijar and Savejbolagh and probably it originates from Kurdistan. Despite its being simple, any single weaving mistake will be apparent easily. This design is commonly used in Hamadan, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari, Haris, Ghaen and other regions in Iran. It is also one of the common and formally used designs in Varamin.

Panel All-Over Flower (Repeated)
In this pattern, Arabesque, Chinese, flowers , … are repeated in horizontal rows.

Qashqai All-Over flowers
Flowers, plants, Arabesque branches, Semi-geometrical arrangements and dyeing, make this design distinguished form the others. Most of the Samples of this design are in form of “Nazim” flowers that is called “Gol Nazim” design.



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