Designing Carpets

Basic Images in Iranian Carpets




Some of the famous basic images of Iranian carpet are:

Palmate Flower
These flowers are also known as “Sheykh Safi” (Shah Abbasi) flowers, which have become common from Safavid era.

This basic design has always been common in Iran, either curved or geometrical (broken). Some historical samples of this kind are:
Decorations of leather part of a water-container found in Pazirik (century 5 BC), the images of columns of a mosque in Balkh (century 2 BC) or Earthenware found in Kashan and Rey (century 1 to 2 AD). This design is used in weaving from the century 18 A.D.
This design is also called “Pine”. Some varieties of Paisley are as: “Miri Paisley” (little Pine), “Cashmere Paisley” (middle Pine), “Aigrette” (a big cedar with a little one projecting from that),… . Paisley (Botteh) is used in Hamdan, Tabriz, Kashan and Kerman carpets.

Henna flower
This name is derived from “Henna” and it’s flower. It seems that this design has originated from Arak and despite it’s fame, it is not very common.

Portrait (Miniature) in carpet
Miniature is an old and famous name in Iranian designs. In weaving very fine-woven carpets, which are designed on the based of poems, legends and parables, are called miniature. Using the suitable colors in miniature carpets is one of the most important subjects.



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