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Baluch Rug

Rugs of Baluch Tribes



The most obvious methods of recognizing old Baluch rugs, is its colors and designs. Usually dark colors are used for old rugs and generally they produce dark effects. The ground color differed in every area.

Some of modern rugs are apt to contain bright, synthetic dyes and thus bear little resemblance to their earlier ancestors.

Most old Baluch rugs are all wool, Persian Knot, double-weft and have long kilim bands or aprons at both ends, and also have used selvages of goat hair, which is sometimes mixed in the warp.

Many modern Baluch rugs are wove with cotton and wool and mostly omit the colorful kilim apron at the ends.

It is not easy to attribute old Baluch rugs to certain tribe, because they live in remote and isolated areas and they were nomadic.

Their numerous tribal names were continually changing and popular Baluch designs are now often woven by weavers of different tribes, as modern transportation has increased and also because of their knowledge to foreign markets.



Baluch Rug

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