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Weavers of Baluch Tribes



Only, small part of Baluch weave carpets. Women and girls in Baluch groups, living in Baluchistan and Northward to Systan and in Khorasan to Sarakhs are the most weavers of this tribe.

Tribes of Baluch weave mostly flat-woven (like kilim) and a few of them weave pile woven (rugs), mostly for their own use.

Most woven carpets (kilim, rug,...) have not high quality and are mostly woven in dark colors, maybe because of their desert culture.

Famous tribes in weaving, besides weavers of Systan and Baluchistan, are weavers of the following regions and tribes in Khorasan:

 1) Jan-Mirzai in Zaveh
 2) Hassan-zai in several areas
 3) Khaf and Jangal in Torbat-Heidarieh
 4) Ali-Ek in Torbat-Heidarieh
 5) Jan-Beigi in Torbat-Heidarieh
 6) Beizadi in Mahvalat district of Torbat-Heidarieh and Qaen
 7) Kolah-Derazi in Torbat-Heidarieh and Kashmar
 8) Rahim-Khani in Torbat-Heidarieh and Sarakhs
 9) Brahui in Torbat-Heidarieh and Sarakhs
10) Kur-kheili (Salar Khani) in Torbat-Heidarieh and Jangal



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