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Arak Rug
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Apparently, fame of traditional herbal dyeing have been essential reason of attraction in Arak rugs. It is simple thought, if we relate vast weaving of past time to some limited dyes (yet with best quality). Most attraction and fame of ancient Farahan region and Sarough, even Arak rugs are found in local particularities, as well as designs and images of these rugs.

In Fathali Shah era to the last years of Nasseredin Shah reign, limited existent rugs have had completely regional and local identity. Those rugs known as ancient Farahan and Moshkabad rugs, if those have been found, are not related to today's Arak rugs, with monotonous and conventional images.

Some ancient and traditional images, like fish, paisley, corner-medallion and a pattern belonged to Shalle weaving “Almond”, which has been come from Kerman or Kashan, on relatively coarse rugs – and also existence of some special images in ancient rugs of Khamseh, Saraband, Lilian, Sarough and Moshkabad signifies that in the central region of Iran and near an area, which today is called Arak, has been very rich and significant carpet weaving.



Arak Rug


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