Cyrus Qaem-Maqami

Cyrus Ghaem-Maghami
Born in Arak (1929-2002)
At 2004, a retrospective exhibition of his works is held at Barg Gallery, Tehran.
His works is exhibited in different biennales after 2002.

- 1952, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
- 1957, Academy Diploma of Brera, Milan, Italy
- 1960, Employee of the Ministry of Arts and Culture
- 1960-72, Teaching at the School of Art, in affiliation with Ministry of Culture & Art
- 1962, Installing various statues at Bandar Abbas, Oroumieh & Tehran
1962, Participating in the 3rd biennale of Tehran, Abyaz Palace
- 1964, Participating in the 4th biennale of Tehran, Abyaz Palace
- 1966, Making a preliminary model of "Unknown Soldier" (3-meter height), commissioned by Keyhan newspaper
- 1971, Making earthen plates & wooden sculpture
- 1981, Making metallic sculptures
- 1984, Taking part in "Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition", in memory of "Parviz Fani-zadeh", the actor
- 1990, Renovating the monumental building of "Shah Abbas" in Karaj

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب