Arian Soheili

Born in San Diego CA, USA
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA, USA
Member of Caroun Photo Club (CPC)

I was born in San Diego California in the US. I grew up with childhood passions like skateboarding and Star Wars. I love music, film, photography, the ocean, traveling and shooting new interesting people and places.

My dad let me use his 35mm film camera at an early age, I began my obsession with fundamentals of photography at this time but it wasn’t till later in high school, where I started to focus on becoming a photographer. I’ve been shooting anything I can aim my lens at ever since. Though I am not a professional, I shoot for my own pleasure.

I also apply my photographic experience into independent filmmaking. It’s an awesome experience to apply photography to a different medium. I love blending art mediums and influencing them with each other.

- Third Annual CPC Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, Jan-Feb 2010
- CPC Group Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, September 2010

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