Angie F. Maher
Fashion & Graphic Designer, Photographer

Fereshteh Maher
1984: B.A. in Illustration Art and fashion, Pratt institute
1990: B.A. in Graphic Design and Communication, Parsons-new School University

1990-1993:Grphic Designer at Santana
1993-1997: Graphic Designer/Fashion Designer at "Shalom "
1997-present:Design director at: "C-life Group"
Personal work: Painting fine art, interior decorating, photography and poems

- Second Annual Photo Competition/Exhibition CPC/CAPA October 2007, Tehran
- First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq, Nov. 20-25, 2007
- First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 2008

Caroun Photo Club (CPC)