Kimia Rahgozar

Born in Tehran, Iran, 1967
BSc in Electronic Engineering, Azad University, 1992
Member of Iranian Advertising and Industrial Photographers Association (IRAN-AIPA)

Kimia Rahgozar is an electronic engineer by training, but it is photography that inspires her. She is born in Iran in 1967, and she has experienced her fair share of change within her country, but remains keen defender of its culture, history and customs. As with all true photographers, she develops and prints all her own images adjusting each frame to convey something that goes beyond the mere recording of a scene. She has published works in Art magazines. Commercial Brochure.

Group Exhibitions:
- Agora Gallery" at New York, USA, 2010
- "30 Years of solitude", Asia House, London, England, 2009
- Group Photography Exhibition, Coal Harbour Community Centre, Vancouver, Canada, July 19, 2008
- CPC First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada, May 8-29, 2008
- "30 Years of solitude", New Hall, University of Cambridge, England, 2007
- CPC First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq, Nov. 20-25, 2007
- CPC Isfahan Photography Exhibition, 2007
- CPC Group Exhibition, "Tehran Photo Exhibition 2006", November 2006, Tehran
- "Anniversary of Nikol Gallery", Nikol Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2005
- Images in MAGLIS gallery of Art in Dubai in the subject of Desert Feb. 27 until March 28, 2002
- Barg Gallery, invited by Diplomatic Women Association for Charity 1999
- Andisheh Cultural Institute, Tehran, 1997 (Subject: Ancient Greek Tragedy)
- 7th Iranian Photo Exhibition (International Photo Biennale in Tehran) Museum of Contemporary Art 1998 (Subject: Persepolis)
- 6th Iranian Photo Biennial, Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran, 1996 (Subject: The Desert)

Solo Exhibitions:
- "La Galerie d'Art Mekic" at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2011
- Individual Photo Exhibition "Aadam", Iranian Art Museum Garden, Tehran, June 9-22, 2008
- Important?, Nikol Gallery, Tehran, May 2006
- People, Haft-Samar Gallery of Art, Tehran, May 2004
- Contemporary Art Museum in Tehran for the Swiss Cultural Week prepared by Swiss Embassy in Tehran, 2000 (Subject: Swiss in 30 days)
- Turkey-Istanbul in Pimapen Cultural Center (Subject: Istanbul from the view of an Iranian woman photographer 1998)
- Haft-Samar Gallery of Art, Tehran, Oct. 1997
- Greek Cultural Center in Tehran 1996 (Subject: Persepolis)
- Keyhan Gallery of Art, Tehran, 1993

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