Allen P. Bargen
Richmond, BC, Canada

Member of Richmond Photo Club (RPC), Past-President
Member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, CAPA (MCAPA, ACAPA)
CAPA Vice-President 2007-2009, CAPA President 2009-11
CAPA President 2011-2013

Some people are born with a camera in their hand. I wasn't, and only became a serious photographer in my thirties. By then my professional career was well established requiring me to travel extensively to new and interesting places and photography just seemed to fit.

Taking a camera along made a lot of sense, allowing me to document my travels, and as a business tool it helped me win new clients. At that time, my camera, a Canon SLR was a curiously interesting new toy to play with. Then somewhere along the way, the camera bug really hit, and I quickly fell in love with the excitement that happens when you see something truly remarkable. I could photograph the scene and share the experience with others.

The transitioned to Digital occurred as soon as the new technology became available, and a whole new world opened up for me. Instant photographic gratification was exciting and the digital camera travelled with me everywhere I went. Hiking was a passion at the time, and soon my hikes gave way to hiking/photographic expeditions.

My camera gear is exclusively CANON equipment, with the Canon 1D Mark III as my main body, and a Canon 5D as backup. Accessories include a wide selection of L series Glass, the largest of which is a 600mm ISL 4.0 lens that is used primarily for wildlife. A Gitzo tripod and Wimberley head complete the list of major equipment. On long field trips, equipment is packed onto a custom two wheeled cart that allows me to easily transport a lot of weight over long distances that might otherwise prove impossible.

While my interests are essentially general including People and places, I do have a passion for Nature subjects. Living in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, with an abundance of wildlife, how could one not? I can leave my home and immediately see Bald Eagles, and a huge selection of birds that continually challenge my skills. What a wonderful place to live.

Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Allen spent most of his adult life in Ontario, where he originally developed a casual interest in photography. His first passion as a young man was hiking in the great outdoors. As this love with the Canadian wilderness grew, so did a more serious interest in photography. Allen quickly combined both his love for outdoor adventure and photography and began an extensive program to record his adventures on the Bruce Trail in Ontario, a 770 kilometer hiking trail stretching from Niagara Falls to Tobermory in Georgian Bay. Transferring to Vancouver in 2003 cut that ambition short. Now retired, he finds his time taken up with the challenges of photography and continually learning more about the techniques required to take great images.

Allen’s photographic interests are truly varied. He loves to shoot Nature, both animals and scenery, but has an equal interest in Architecture and people. Macro Photography and Portraiture are also key areas of interest to him. His previous job allowed him to photograph technical elements, and electrical material product shots. He has been published in technical journals and corporate catalogues, and was published extensively in a Canadian National Calendar for 2007. He has had articles published in Canadian Camera Magazine, and presents a variety of courses to clubs across Canada. He is also the corporate portrait photographer for his former company.

After transferring to the Vancouver area with his company, Allen settled in Richmond, and quickly became involved with the Richmond Photo Club, where he is currently the Past President. He joined CAPA in 2004. Allen became a CAPA certified judge in 2005, and has been very active on the judging circuit since then. He is currently the CAPA Vice President, and is a regular contributor to the Pacific Zone Newsletter. Allen visits at least one CAPA club every week as part of his responsibilities to CAPA. Allen is the Chair of CAPA’s judging course and is busy presenting the brand new version to Camera clubs across Canada.

An avid Digital photographer, he uses Canon equipment exclusively, and currently shoots with a Canon 1D Mk III, as his main camera, and a Canon D5 which serves as his backup. He shoots exclusively in RAW mode, and says that during a typical photographic outing on a weekend he will take 2000 or more digital shots.

Allen’s philosophy is quite simple. Wherever you are, there is a great picture waiting to be taken. One only needs to find it, and then take the time to get it into your camera.

Caroun Photo Club (CPC)