Wes Bergen
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wes has been a keen amateur photographer for over 45 years. He has experience in B&W and colour prints as well as slides, and has used medium and large format cameras as well as 35mm and digital cameras. Over the past 10 years, he has shot exclusively in digital medium.

He has been a member of the Lions Gate Camera Club for 46 years and has held many executive positions including two terms as President.
He has also been a member of NAPA and CAPA for almost as long.

He has had numerous acceptances and awards in international competitions, and has sold many of his images for use in calendars, tourism brochures and other publications.

Wes taught Photoshop courses at local school board continuing education departments for about 10 years. He has written columns in Lions Gate Camera Club’s Photolog and in CAPA's Canadian Camera magazine on digital photography and Photoshop. He is a frequent judge and presents workshops at local photography clubs and seminars.

    Caroun Photo Club (CPC)