Tabassom Atabaki

Born in 1980, Iran
B.Sc. in applied Psychology
Diploma in Photography

After some years of continuous working, one day I felt I am not happy and some thing went wrong to my personal life. I didn’t enjoy the life and only stick to routine life. So I decided to find some thing to change my mood. Painting doesn’t have more challenge for me, because I started it from childhood, and music is more attractive to listen rather to play any instrument. Among all arts I felt most affinity between photography and myself. So I decided to follow it to find out my lost peace, I hoped. I do not have any photography background and I want to start it from basic alphabet.

I believe every body in their own life has a taste on art such as painting, music, fine art and photography. For me, I always become attracted by surreal, abstract and conceptual photos.

Also I can not resist expressing my feelings about impressionism and expressionism. These kinds of pictures are those, which try to compete with paintings.
Some years ago I bought a camera to shoot some friends or memory stuffs.
One wintry day, I decided to go to a class for learning photography. I choose MFT (Mojtame Fanni Tehran) TAFE course and my instructor was Mr. Dariush Mohammad khani.

"A new photograph, Everyday", this is what I have in my mind. I believe it takes ability, skill, a keen eye, and dedication to become a good photographer. While in the learning process one must continuously take and analysis photographs. When you take your camera and start shooting you can express your feelings, idea and events. Every Emotion I Have Is Here...

- CPC Group Photography Exhibition, Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver, Canada, October 17, 2010
- 4th Annual CPC Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, November 2010

- Third Winner of 4th CPC Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada: CAPA Bronze Medal

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