Malakeh MirPouya

Born in 1967, Isfahan
Ms in National Geographic, Azad University, Najaf-abad
self-educated photographer; Tour guide

- Group Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, 2007
- Second Annual Photo Exhibition-Competition CPC/CAPA, October 2007, Tehran
- First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq, Nov. 20-25, 2007
- Photo exhibition, with Sahar Seyedi, Atbin Gallery, Tehran, January 2008
- First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada, May 8-29, 2008
- Individual Photography Exhibition, Kamal al-din Behzad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, Jan 31-Feb 9, 2009
- Individual Photography Exhibition, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran, October 4-9, 2009
- Photography Exhibition, Peter Franz Fine Art Gallery, Australia, October 2010
- 4th Annual CPC Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, November 2010

I started photography as I started mountain climbing in 1989. Mostly, I photograph nature in my climbs and my travels. As the first show of my work, I've taken part in 23-28 February 2007 CPC Exhibition in Haft Samar Gallery in Tehran.

- Selected work of CPC Tehran Photo Contest 2007: CPC Honorable Mention
- First Winner of CPC 2008/9 Vancouver Annual Photo Contest: $1000 / CAPA Gold Medal

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب