Hana Kamkar

Born in 20/10/1980
BA Film Directory, University of Sureh, Tehran

- Photography exhibition 'Water - Mirror' (water is mirror), Nikzad Gallery, Dec 2005
- Group Photography Exhibition, Nikol Gallery, Tehran, June 2007
- CPC 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, Hafts Samar Gallery, Tehran, 2007
- CPC 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, Galawej Cultural Festival, Sulimanya, Kurdistan, 2007
- CPC 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, Seymour Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 2008

- Carried on a specialized photo exhibition with the name of 'I and Sky', Vali gallery, Tehran 2002
- Participation in the several group photo exhibition in the University of Sureh 2002, 'Green Wave' Festival 2002 and 2nd Child Photo Festival, October 2003
- Photography & director assistant in the TV series called 'Circular Ball' with the directory of 'Behrouz Baghaei', summer 2002
- Photography in the 'Zeytoun (Olive) group' & theatre of 'Return to the father's house' by 'Mohsen Ali khani' 2004
- Photography in the theatre named 'Do not turn off the light' made by 'Houman Bargh-navard', Tehran, Fajr festival 2004
- Photography in the theatre titled 'Write your name on the moon manually' with the directory of 'Maryam Moeni' Tehran, Fajr festival 2004
- Photography of the 'Fence_66_samll Tower, by 'Ehsan Falahat-pisheh', Tehran 2004
- Photography and public relation in the 'Paypery House' with 'Hooman Bargh-navard', Tehran theatre, small hall 2005
- Photography of the theatre named ' Bad eyes away' by 'Amir Amjad', Tehran 2005

Other Experiences:
- Play a role in the theatre named 'Sleepy Noon' with the directory of 'Ayat Najafi' Niavaran saloon, Tehran 2001
- Second director assistant in the 'Loose from hand' theatre, author and director is 'Farhad Aslani'/, Tehran theatre, Ghashghaee hall 2003
- Made some short films titled 'Calm','A Dog Who Fell in love' and 'Shahrzad' and a big documentary film, which is called 'Chavoosh'; 'A Dog Who Fell In Love' performed in the Tehran 3th Baran Short Film Festival 2003 (special for Woman Movies)
- The Composer & Singer of the theatre called 'Sudden Pigeon' with the directory of 'Abbas Ghafari' and author is 'Mohammad Charmshir' Tehran theatre, New hall 2005 and it was also carried on the Ruhr Thaetre in Duisburg (Germany) 2006.
- The Composer & Singer of the theatre called 'Lir Na Shah', by 'Reza Fayyazi' Molavi hall, Tehran 2005
- The Composer & Singer of the theatre called 'The Past Days With Your Memories' by 'Said Shapouri' Number 2 hall, Tehran 2006
- The singer of the music of the film called 'White Mountain' by 'Taha Karimi' and the composer is 'Fardin Khalat-bari' performed in the Tehran 11th international and 23rd national short film festival an 21st & 26th of November 2006

- A concert carried on 27th August to 1st September 2003 In 'Niavaran Cultural Historic Complex' of Tehran with the Kamkars band
- A concert carried on 15th November 2003 in 'Salam.Islam' In "Wien Concert Hause" with the Kamkars band
- A concert carried on January 2004 in Kish Island
- A concert carried on 9th& 12th of February 2004 in 'The 19th Fadjr International Music Festival Tehran' with the Kamkars band
- A concert got over in the three main important cities of Iraq: 18th and 19th of August 2006 in Erbil; 21st of August 2006 in Dohok and 22nd of August 2006 in Soleymanieh
- Last concert carried on from 8th to 10th of October 2006 in the big hall of ministry of Interior Home office with the Kamkars band

- A reward in the 'Green Wave' festival summer 2002
- Appreciated in the 'Mirror of Ahvaz' festival in Jun 2003 and in 2nd child photo festival in October 2003 and
- Finally, appreciated in an 'Animal photo' festival 2003
- Selected work of CPC Tehran Photo Contest 2007: CPC Honorable Mention

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