Fariba Farghadani

Born on Sept. 21, 1966, Isfahan
She's taught Design and Painting in schools and high schools of Isfahan city.
- MA in Painting, Art University of Tehran, 2002-5 (Thesis on MA Degree: "Review of Iranian Painting Biennial")
- BA in Painting, Azad University, Tehran, 1991-5 (Thesis on BA Degree: "A Glance Toward Creativity")
Member of Iranian Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts

Professional Experiences:
- First & Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq
- Second Annual Photo Exhibition-Competition CPC/CAPA, Tehran, 2007
- Selected to participate in the 4th Iranian Sculpture Biennial, 2005
- Sculptor of "Human & Space" statue, installed in Tehran Public Park, 2005
- Selected to participate in the 3rd Iranian Sculpture Biennial, 2003
- Sculptor of "Mother" statue, installed in Isfahan Public Park, 2002
- Individual painting exhibition, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, 2001
- Selected to participate in the 2nd Iranian Sculpture Biennial & the winner of "Council of Jury Prize", 2000
- Individual painting exhibition, Classic Gallery, Isfahan, 1999
- Individual painting exhibition, Arya Gallery, Tehran, 1996
- Selected to participate in the first Iranian Sculpture Biennial
- Selected to participate in "Kosar Photography & Movies Festival", and winner of the first prize for the best photo, 1994
- Group Painting Exhibition, Classic Gallery, Isfahan, 1993

- Selected work of CPC Second Annual Photo Contest: CPC Honorable Mention

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب