Mahmood Reza Ashtiany Poor

Born of 1974 in Tehran, Iran
Master of Art (Photography), USA, 2008
Bachelor Degree of Film Directing, Soureh University
Diploma of Pro Journalist
Diploma of Photography Public Relation
Diploma of Fashion Photography, India

Secretary photo of Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Softball Federation for 2 years
Director of Education in Ashti Institution for 3 years
Photography & Videography instructor, Ashti Institution for 5 years
Manager of Tourism in Hosban Magazine for 5 years
Photographer of Soureh Magazine for 2years
Director of photo news in Hamsar Magazine since 1994
Director of Photo & Film, Ashti Festival
Organized of public and personal Photo Exhibitions in Art and events
Inventor of Special photography in Vampire Fashion
Manager of News and Events of Center Thinkers

- 5th Annual CPC Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, December 2011
- Group Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, February 2012
- Individual Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, March 2012
- Nowruz Group Exhibition, Pinnacle Hotel At the Pier, Vancouver, Canada, March 2012
- North Shore Art Crawl, North Vancouver, B, Canada, Vancouver, Canada, April 2012
- Group Exhibition, Richmond Art Centre, Richmond, BC, Canada, April 2012

- 5th Annual CPC Photo Contest, Caroun Photo Club (CPC), Canada, 2011: CAPA Gold Medal
- 5th Annual CPC Photo Contest, Caroun Photo Club (CPC), Canada, 2011: CPC Honor Mention

He has experienced photography in the following fields:
Photojournalism, News photography, Professional fashion photography,
Photography in Crisis, Air photography, Documentary photography, Underwater
photography, Sport photography, Social documentary photography training,
Photography Training Vampire as well as teaching

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب