Nika Khatami

Born in Dec. 20, 1985, Meshed, Iran
Student in Graphic Design, Tehran

Startied visual art & design in 1998
Started photography since 2001 in art college
Serious work of photographic art and image experiences since 2002
Nika is in interested in nature, city scene, urban space and especially abstract photography by creating new spaces with special exposure. In his graphic works, he has special attention to photography.

- Experience Photo Art Group Exhibition, 2003
- Nature Photography Group Exhibition, 2003
- Photo Art & Graphic Exhibition in Khak Gallery, 2004
- Abrang Photography Competition (3 times), Meshed
- Photography & Film Festival, Meshed, 2004
- The Image of Year 2005-2006
- First Shouka Photography Award, Tehran, 2006
- CPC First Annual Photo Exhibition Nov 2006, Tehran
- CPC Isfahan Photo Exhibition, January 2007
- CPC 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, Galawej Cultural Festival, Sulimanya, Kurdistan, 2007
- CPC 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, Seymour Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 2008

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