Khosro Khodabagi

Khosrow KhodaBagi
Born in 1970

As I remember, I has sensitive a look to my environment, objects and their forms, and always countless questions.

In 1990, I started to work in Photo Printings Center. At the same time, I started to acknowledge different types of cameras and photography equipments. Then, I started to take photos. At first, I was interested in taking portrait, nature and industry.

In 1997, I entered University of Tehran, Art Faculty, to study graphic design.
In 2002, I graduated of Art University.
During studying, I continued photographing and gradually, I interested to conceptual photography and photography of objects. At present, I am art director of an advertising agency in Tehran and I still continue this style.

As a photographer, since 1990 to present, I'm taking portrait, industrial, object, nature, conceptual Photographs.

As a graphic designer, I work in logotype, poster, brochure, packaging, book designing, interior design… fields, and as an advertising adviser.
I have some experiences as a cameraman, video shut, filmmaking, back stage and also in writing.

- CPC Gold Medal, First Digital Photo Contest, 2014
- CPC Honorable Mention, Second Digital Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2015

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب