Jassem GhazbanPour

Born in 1963, Khoram Shahr
BA in Photography, 1988, Art University, Tehran
Professional photography since 1980
Certificate of Merit Award for the War Wanders Photos, 1990, World in Focus, International Federation of National Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies

- A Photo Report on the Chemical Massacre in Halabja, May 1988
- The Imposed War Defense vs. Aggression, vol. 6, 1989
- Petroleum Industry of Iran, Public Relation & Guidance, Petroleum Industry, Spring 1990
- Desert Storm, the War in the Persian Gulf, a Time book, printed in USA, 1991
- New Life - Old Structure, a selection of valuable structures, Urban Revitalization Office, Ministry of Housing & Urban Development, 3 volumes, 1993
- All Together, a pictorial report on the activities of Jihad-Sazandegi, published by Ministry of Jihad-Sazandegi, Iran, March 1994
- Guilan Book, published by Iran Research Group, Fall 1995
- Iran-Water-Power-Nature, published by Nirochap Co., Ministry of Power, Public Relation Office, Fall 1996
- Tehran under Missile Attack, published by Research & Planning Center of Tehran, Tehran Deputy, Spring 1997
- Biography & Works of Lotf-Ali Suratgar Shirazi, Iranian painter, published by Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, 1997
- Iran From The Sky, Tiss Publisher, Spring 2000
- 20 Years of Film Photography in Iran 1979-1999, published by Film Museum of Iran, Farabi Film Foundation, Spring 2000
- Regards persons Iran, une revolution Photographique, Paris Musees, 2001
- The Splendor of Iran, published by Booth-Clibborn Edition, London, 2001
1st vol.: Iran before Islam
2nd vol.: Iran in Islamic era
3rd vol.: Contemporary Iran
- Iranian House, Tiss Publisher, 2001 (winner of the Year Book)
- Life & Works of Saniol-molk, Iranian painter, Iran University Press (IUP), 2003
- Bam, pictorial report of the Bam city and citadel before and after earthquake, Tiss Publisher, 2004

- Aks (Photo) Magazine, special issue for North and Northwest Earthquake (Roudbar Manjil), October 1990
- The Independent, No. 1384, Saturday March 23, 1991 (pictorial report of Kurdistan of Iraq) published in London
- Time International, vol. 137, No. 13, April 1, 1991 (pictorial report of the independent of Kurdistan of Iraq)
- ABC magazine, Madrid, September 28, 1996 (Chemical wounded of Iraq War)
- ABC magazine, Madrid, September 29, 1996 (Chemical wounded of Iraq War)

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب