Houman Sadr

Born in 1955, Iran
Member of the Jury of the Second Annual Photo Competition/Exhibition CPC/CAPA 2007

Public relations and presentation, conceptual art and graphic design, architecture/space planning encompassing interior design, landscaping and restoration, artistic and scientific photography, web design, creative leadership and sitemap conceptualization, publishing and production art, presentation art and promotional systems

* High school diploma, Alborz high school, Tehran
* Masters of Science, Environmental Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology, 1977
* Courses in history of art during university studies, 1976
* Photography techniques, London School of Arts UK, 1986-7

1964, Graphic artist and designer, publication office of Iran-Air Lines
1966, Translator, Iran-Air lines publications
1976, Chief of art studio in a leading advertising firm
1976, Collaborating with the Ministry of Royal Court
1979, Consultant to the Organization of Environmental Preservation
1980, Collaboration with the World Wild life Fund (WWF), Switzerland
1893, Teaching English in applied fields, University of Tehran and private institutions
1984, Establishing “Motivations International Company” in England for town planning, architecture, interior design, scientific and art photography, graphic design and publications

* Drawing and painting since 1966
* Winner, second prize of painting, Tehran, 1970
* Exhibition of watercolor paintings, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, 1985
* Exhibition of Paintings, Peeling + Cross Gallery, London, 1986
* Exhibition of watercolor artworks, Liberty, London, 1986
* Annual exhibitions of photography, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran, 1987-91
* Exhibition of Iranian Art, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, annual assembly, Tehran, 1994
* Exhibition of Iranian Artists in favor of Bosnia Herzegovina, Tehran, 1994
* Exhibition for the opening of the House of Photographers, Tehran, 1994
* Annual exhibition of the members of the Association of Professional Photographers (AFAEP), London, 1995
* 12th annual exhibition of the Society of Young Cinematographers, 1995, Tehran
* Exhibition of “Iran Today”, 8th Islamic Summit Conference, Tehran, 1997
* Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Artists, Italian School, 2003

* Member of the group of designers and planners, Botanical Garden of Tehran, 1976
* Designer and supervisor of a public park in Luxemburg, 1989
* Restoration and remodeling of an historical mansion, Belgium, 1989
* Design and implementation of a number of private and public buildings, Tehran, 1989 – 90
* Cooperation with the municipality of Tehran, member of the council for Reconstruction of the City’s Landscape Planning, 1994
* Member of the council for Illustrative Planning of Tehran, 1992-4
* Redecorating the 19th century palaces of the Royal Family in Iran
* Landscape planning of the Museum of Calligraphy (Mir Emad), Sad-abad palace, Tehran, 1997

* Food Resources of the World, (M.S. dissertation), 1976
* Production of a short film as a tribute to a French director for the Cannes film festival , 1984
* Photographing the film, “The Starving World”, University of Tehran, 1977
* Publishing a series of booklets in specific usages of the English language, Tehran, 1984
* Production of a pictorial collection of architecture and landscapes from Scotland, Greece and Russia, 1982-5
* Producing professional images from master artworks of European leading museums since 1981-87
* Member of the group of editors, Encyclopedia of Art, since 1983 (incomplete)
* Translating and editing a book on creative techniques in photography (still accomplishing)

* Lecturer, faculty of art
* Member of the council for cultural publications, Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization
* Teaching at the Cultural Heritage Organization’s Post Graduate Education Center, Tehran, 1996
* Participation in organizing the Conference of the ECO countries
* Producing the picture archive for the Royal Palaces of Golestan (19th century royal palace), Niavaran and Sad-abad (residence of the late Royal Family)
* Photography, designing and publishing of a collection of Iranian masterworks in calligraphy, 1997
* Photography, designing and publishing the catalogue of Jahan Nama Museum, (private collection of the late HIM of Iran) Niavaran Cultural Compound, Tehran, 1997
* Member of the Board of Juries, exhibitions for annual cultural heritage week, 1996-7
* Photographing the archaeological artifacts of the Iranian National Museum, 1996-7
* Photography, design and presentation of the book “Cultural Heritage of Iran” since 1996 (unaccomplished)
* Documentary photography of the stone relief of “Bisotun” (500 B.C.), 1997-8
* Design and production of the greetings document for the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, 1997
* Photography, design and layout of the catalogue of Iran Bastan and Islamic Museums, 1998
* Presentation and publicity of the exhibition “Colombia, a World Heritage “, Sad-abad Palace, Tehran, 1997
* Photography, design and publishing the catalogue of the Blue Mosque of Tabriz, 1999-2000
* Production of the pictorial collection of Sultanieh of Zanjan, 1998
* Curator of “The Gold Bowl of Hassanlu” exhibition, Tehran, 1999
* Photographer, designer and organizer of the exhibition “Iran & Greece, a dialogue among civilizations”, National Museum of Iran, Tehran, Oct. 1999
* Photography, graphic design and publishing of the book “Ancient Persia, a Glance upon Treasures of National Museum of Iran”, 1999 - 2001
* Presenting the photographs for the exhibition of “Iranian National Museum in Pictures” in Archaeological Museum of Naples and Museum of Oriental Arts, Rome - Italy, March and June 2000
* Presenting the photographs for the catalogue of the exhibition “7000 years of Iranian Art & Civilization”, Vienna, National Museum of Archaeology, Austria 2001, Museum of Oriental Arts, Rome, and also museums of Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Armenia
* Providing the architectural pictures for “International Conference of Archaeology”, Tecino, Italy, 2001
* Presenting the photographs for the catalogue of the exhibition “Antica Persia “National Museum of Oriental Arts, Rome, Italy 2001
* Logo design for the Glass & Ceramic Museum of Iran, 2001
* Design and organizing the exhibition of “Iranian Constitution History“, 2001
* Art advisor to Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum, regarding international exhibitions and art events since 2002
* Exhibition of 7000 years of Iranian Art held by the UNESCO, Greece, June 2003
* Designing and printing the book “Hearing Eye“, 2003
* Designing and layout of the collection of miniature paintings by Kamaledin Behzad, 2003
* Design and presentation of the exhibition “Persian Garden”, Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum, 2003-4

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب