Edman Aivazian

Edman Aivazian, Armenian Painter
Born in 1932, Tehran
He started painting by the age of 13 and he participate in International Exhibition of Young Painters in 1948 and a group exhibition in 1949.

1950, annual group exhibition in Soviet Cultural House, Tehran
1954, group exhibition of Contemporary Art, Mehregan Club, Tehran
1955, group exhibition, Abyaz Palace, Tehran
1956, individual exhibition, Iran Armenian Society, Tehran
1957, Tehran Biennale
1958, Edman was selected as an artist for Biennale of Venice.
1960, group exhibition, Garoun Club, Tehran
1962, individual exhibition, Iran Armenian Society, Tehran
1965, group exhibition, Guild Hall, London
1974, he has painted large murals for St. Serkis Church, Tehran.
1984, individual exhibition at Gorky Gallery New York and Gulbenkian Hall London
1985, he commissioned to paint portraits of Saudi Kings and Princes and painting of life at 1930s, Saudi Arabia.
1986, interior design for King Fahad International Airport Mosque
1987, individual exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia
1990, group exhibition, Simferopol, Crimea
1991, group exhibition, Library Museum, Boston
1993, group exhibition, American Armenian Artist Association, Boston
1997, annual exhibition, New English Art Club, Mall Galleries, London
1997, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
1998, Mural for King Abdul-aziz National Museum, Riyadh

- Museum of St. Lazzaro, Venice
- Museum of Arams, Khachatourian, Yerevan
- St. Serkis Church, Tehran
- Abadan Armenian Church, Iran
- Narmak Armenian Church, Tehran
- N.I.O.C. Tehran
- Northorp Corp. USA
- Private collections Saudi Arabia, Oman
- Aivazovski Museum Fedosiya, Crimea
- Armenian National Gallery and Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Boston, Saint bury and London

- 1948, International Youth Exhibition
- 1956, Iranian Contemporary Artists (First Prize)
- 1958, Ministry of Culture Annual Competition (First Prize), selected for Biennale of Venice

Architectural Projects
- 1974, Gajereh Hotel, Iran
- 1980, word on the interior design of King Abdul-aziz Airport Grand Mosque, - Riyadh; also the mural and the waiting hall in Jeddeh Airport, commissioned by Vesti Corp., Boston
- 1986, interior design for the King Fahad International Airport Mosque, Dahran
- 1998, Mural for King Abdul-aziz National Museum, Riyadh

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