Joan Miro

1893, April 20: Born in Spain, Barcelona, Credit Passage

- 1900: Civil Design courses in Regomir St. School; from now on, summers in Cornuella and Mallora
- 1901: First saved designs
- 1907: Studied in Commerce School in Barcelona, and attended in Modest Urgell and Jose Pasco Fine Arts School
- 1910: Employed in Oliveras Perfumery
- 1911: Full time painter
- 1912: Studied in Francesc Gali Art School; acquainted with Josep Liorens I Artigas and E. C. Ricart (painter)
- 1915: Leaved Cali Art School; designed in Saint Luic Academy; acquainted with Joan Prats and F. Rafols; rented studio in Mes Baix de Saint Pere Street, with E. C. Ricart
- 1917: Acquainted with Francis Picabia
- 1918: His first individual exhibition in Dalmu Gallery, Barcelona
- 1919: First travel to Paris; acquainted with Picasso and Maurice Raynal; exhibited his works in Coubert Group, Barcelona; painted "Montroig" and a self-portrait
- 1920: He stayed in Paris and acquainted with Reverduy, Tzara and Max Jacob; accompanied in Dada manifestation; in summers, he stayed in Montroig.
- 1921: His first studio and exhibition in Paris, "La Licorne Gallery"
- 1922: "Blomet Street Group", with Andre Masson, Artaud, Leiris, Limbour, Salacrou and Taul. He finished "La Masia" (farm) painting.
- 1923: Exhibited his works in "Salon de Otono", Paris
- 1924: Painted "El Carnaval de Arlequin"
- 1925: Individual exhibition in "Pierre Loeb" gallery; participated in Surrealist Group Exhibition
- 1926: Commenced with Max Ernst, for "Romeo & Juliet" in Russian Ballet
- 1927: He stayed in Montmarte (Tourlaque Ave.), with Maz Ernst, Eluard, Arp and Magritte.
- 1928, Oct. 12: he married with Pilar Juncosa, in "Palma de Mallorca", and stayed in Paris, 3, Francois Mouthon Ave. For the first time, he illustrated a painting for L. Mirtz' book, "Once A Day".
- 1930: He exhibited his works in "Pierre Gallery" Paris, "Foemans Gallery" Brussels and "Valentine Gallery" New York. He started "Graphic Technique" with a painter, "Marcoussis" and continued with him, until the Second World War.
- 1931: July 17, his daughter, "Dolores", born in Barcelona; his sculpture exhibition in Pierre Gallery, Paris
- 1932: He stayed in Paris and made decoration and costumes for "Children's Play Ballet". His exhibitions in Pierre Gallery (Paris), Pierre Matisse Gallery (New York) and with Surrealist Group in Paris was held.
- 1933, May 3: "Children's Play Ballet" introduced, in Barcelona Art School. His first important graphic works for "Dafnis" and "Cloe", and also his first works with Nitric Acid and engagement on different plates for "Childhood of G. Hunget".
- 1934: He stayed in Barcelona and made masterpieces with pastel on sand-paper. He painted "Escargot", "Femme", "Flower" and "Star" paintings.
- 1935: He stayed in Barcelona and participated in Tenerife Surrealist Exhibition; higgledy-piggledy paintings on paper
- 1936: "Contemporary Art Exhibition", Paris; he painted some paintings with dyes, mixed with egg or honey, on copper and fiber-cement.
- 1937: He stayed in Paris, painted "Caatalan's Man", and commenced with Spain Chamber in Paris International Exhibition.
- 1938: He created 20 printed works, which were shown the tragic events of Spain Civil War.
- 1939: He stayed in Varangeville-sur-Mer and painted on clothes.
- 1940, May 20: He came back to Paris and resided in Mallorca. He painted the series of "Constellation", in Varangeville.
- 1941: His first exhibition on all his works in New York Modern Arts Museum, and his first works' monograph by J. J. Sweeney
- 1942: His first ceramic works, with the collaboration of Llorens I Artigas; painted 50 black lithographs (Barcelona Series, designed on paper, 1939)
- 1945: "Constellation Ceramic Exhibition", Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York
- 1947: He collaborated in Surrealist Exhibition in Maeght Gallery, Paris. His first travel to USA; he worked on the wall of Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati and employed in "17 Atelier", new York. He engraved on copper by sugar, gum, acid and wax and created "13 Album", with 13 lithographs (Barcelona Series), which were designed in Montroig 1939 and painted in 1942.
- 1948: He made lithographs in Paris.
- 1949: He exhibited 57 of his works in Laietanes Gallery, Barcelona and another exhibition in "Art Hall" of Bern.
- 1950: He worked again on Constellation Series (10 lithographs), in New York; his first works, engraving on wood, for Joao Cabral de Melo's book
- 1952-53: Exhibitions in Art Hall of Basilea and in Bern
- 1954-55: Grand Prize of Engraving in Venice Biennale; he left painting until 1959 and create 386 ceramics with the collaboration of Llorensi I Artigas, in Gallifa.
- 1956: He stayed in Palma de Mallorca, in Josep-Luis Studio; "Grand Fire Land" Exhibirion, Maeght Gallery, Paris; "Bagatelas Vegetales" Exhibition with M. Leiris, Matisse Gallery, New York
- 1957: He worked in Aldo Crommelynik workshop.
- 1958: With collaboration of Llorenz I Artigas, he painted "Sun Mural" and "Moon Mural" for UNESCO, Paris.
- 1959: in his second staying in USA, he showed his works in Modern Arts Museum, New York and Los Angeles; Grand Prize of Guggenheim Foundation
He started to collaborate with Robert Dutrou in Maeght Workshop, Levallois and Daguerre St., Paris.
- 1960: Ceramic Mural for Harward University; numerous engravings and lithographs in Maeght Workshop; he started to work on plates, with more than one Sq. m surface: Giant Series
- 1961: Third travel to USA; exhibitions in Maeght Gallery (Paris), Pierre Matisse Gallery (New York) and graphic works in Genova
- 1962: Grand Exhibition of Literature Pieces in Paris Modern Arts National Museum; creation of Juan Miro Design Art, Barcelona
- 1964: Grand exhibition of all of his works in "Tate Gallery", London and in "Kunsthaus", Zurich; inauguration of "Maeght Foundation" in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France; "Labyrinth" made of ceramic and Miro's sculptures; "Engraver's Dairy" was painted by him.
- 1965: "Cartons 1959-1965" exposition in Pierre Matisse Gallery
- 1966: Grand exhibitions in Tokyo and Kyoto
- 1967: "Carnegie", first prize painting; "Trazado Sobre la Pared" Series (wall-design); Dutrou worked with him; he started working on large sizes.
- 1968: Grand exhibition in Maeght Foundation; he painted "Engraving for Individual Prison".
- 1969: Grand exhibition in Antic Hospital, Santa Crue, Barcelona; "Miro, Otro" exhibition in Barcelona Architecture College; "Fashion's Delirium" and "Model" Series
- 1970: "Ceramic Mural" for Osaka International Fair; "Wild Peninsula" Series (six works with nitric acid)
- 1971-72: "Juan Prats Memorial" Series (15 lithographs); "Sculpture Exhibition" in Chicago Art Institute and "London Harward Gallery", and in "Zurich Kunsthaus"; foundation of "Juan Miro Foundation, Center of Research on Contemporary Art"
- 1973: Exhibition in Maeght Gallery, Paris; Sculpture and Ceramic Grand Exhibition (278 works) in Maeght Foundation; commenced with Barcelona Gaspar Saloon for painting a graphic work
- 1974: Two exhibitions in Paris: Painting and Sculpture & Ceramic, in Grand Palace; Graphic Exhibition in Modern Art Museum, Paris; 60 large printed works; 18 nitric acid works
- 1975: Foundation of Juan Miro Foundation, Center of Contemporary Art Research; Literature Works Exhibition (1914-1974) in Maeght Gallery, Barcelona
- 1976: Small Sculptures and Graphic Works Exhibition in Juan Mas Gallery, Madrid; formal inauguration of "Juan Miro Foundation"
- 1977: Graphic exhibition in "Rues Conference Center"; painting, sculpture and graphic exhibition in "Municipality Museum", Veret, France; Gouaches and Graphic Exhibition in Punto Gallery, Valencia, Spain; Graphic Works Exhibition in Manresa Artistic Center
- 1978: Firas Special 1977's Prize was given to Juan Miro Foundation, by Europe Council; Literal painting Exhibition in Spain Contemporary Museum; Graphic Works Exhibition in Madrid
- 1980: He received Gold Medal of Fine Arts from King of Spain; graphic exhibition in Madrid; "Miro, the Sculptor" exhibition in Spain
- 1982, June: His memorial in Barcelona Municipality
- 1983, January and February: Exhibition in Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; two exhibitions in his 90's Memorial in Theo Gallery (Madrid) and Maeght Gallery (Paris); "Miro, 1920s, Exhibition" in Madrid Contemporary Art of Spain Museum

Juan Miro deceased on December 25 in San Abrines residence, Palma de Mallorca.

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