Shirin Ettehadieh

Pascal Vanhoecke, Paris Dec 1996

Professional Studies:
1980: 1982 Ecole Du Louvre Paris (History of Design)
1973: London Certificate in Art and Design (with distinction) Polytechnic of South Bank
1973: Licentiate of Society of Artists and Designers (LSIA)
1979: Foundation of “Ketab Azad” (Bookshop)

Individual Exhibitions:
1980: 1984, Ketab Azad Yearly Exposition, Tehran, Iran
1992: Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran, March 1992
1993: May, Sabz Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1993: June, Novin Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
1994: May, Seihoun Gallery, Tehran
1996: Nov., Ketab Azad, Tehran
1996: Dec., Pascal Vanhoecke, Paris Gallery
1998: Sept., Barg Gallery, Tehran
1999: Sept., Arya Gallery (Portrait), Tehran
2000: Sept., Barg Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
1984: June, Modern Art Museum, Tehran (Women painters)
1986: June, French Embassy, Tehran
1991: June, Atalant Gallery Evian les Bains, France
1993: Nov., Second Biennale, Modern Art Museum, Tehran
1994: Sept., International Commective Exposition of Montreux, Switzerland, 4th Prize
1995: Oct., Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
1996: May, Darya-Beigi Gallery, Tehran
1999: Dec., 1st International Drawing Exhibition, Museum of Modern Arts, Tehran
2000: Nov., 1st International Biennale of Art, Tehran
2000: 5th International Biennale of Sharjah

Press Revues
1989: Oct., Mofid, Iranian Monthly
1991: March, Abrar, Iranian Daily
1992: Nov., Le Dauphine Libere
1992: Dec., Le Messager Haut Savoyar Weakly, France
1992: La Dauphine Libere Daily, South East Region France
1994: Adineh, Iranian Monthly
1998: Ghods, Daily, Khorasan, Meshed, Iran
2000: Sept., Entekhab, Iranian Daily

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب