Farah Ossouli

Born in 1953, Zanjan, Iran
1973, Diploma in Painting, Girl's School of Fine Arts, Tehran
1977, BA in Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
Member of "Society of Iranian Painters", since 2001

Individual Exhibitions:
1984, Private Studio, Tehran
1986, Private Residence, Tehran
1989, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran
1993, Classic Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
1984, Khaneh Aftab Gallery, Tehran
1984-1989, Participated in 5 different exhibitions, held by Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
1987-1988, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran
1987-2003, Participated in more than 15 national and international exhibitions, held by Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1988, Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine
1989, Pafar Gallery, Tehran
1989, Azin Gallery, Tehran
1990, Afrand Gallery, Tehran
1991, Afrand Gallery, Tehran
1991, Classic Gallery, Tehran
1991, Aurum Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
1991, Azadi Cultural Center, Tehran
1991, Iranian Studies Center, Columbia University, USA
1991, 1993, 1997, Iranian Painting Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1993-2000, Golestan Gallery, 7 different exhibitions, Tehran
1994, Hakim Nizami Gallery, Tehran
1994, Sad-abad Cultural Center, Tehran
1994-1995, Bamdad Gallery, Tehran
1995-2000, Aria Gallery, 6 different exhibitions, Tehran
1995, Darya Beigi Gallery, Tehran
1996, Ebn Sina Cultural Center, Tehran
1997, La Maison de l'Iran, Paris, France
1997, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
1997, Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey
1997, 1998, China Art Expo, Peking, China
1998, Cultural Center, Beirut, Lebanon
1998, Nil Gallery, Tehran
1998, 1999, Total Arts, Contemporary Persian Painting, Dubai, UAE
1999, Faramarzi Gallery, Tehran
1999, Barg Gallery, Women's International Day, Tehran
1999, Homayouni Gallery, Tehran
2000, 2002, Contemporary Islamic World Painting Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
2000, Khaneyeh Honar-mandan, Tehran
2000, Art Expo, New York, USA
2000, Artist International Trade Center, The Silent Brush, Washington DC, USA
2000, Yahya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2000, Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Larnaka, Cyprus
2001, Women Group Exhibition, Ejlas Bldg., Tehran
2001, United Nations Bldg., Geneva, Switzerland
2001, New York Library, New York, USA
2001, New York Library, New York, USA
2001, Amber Gallery, East-West Foundation, Leiden, The Netherlands
2001, Hotel de Ville St. Gilles, 10 Women Iranian Painters, Brussels, Belgium
2001-2003, A Breeze from the Garden of Persia, New Art from Iran, Meridian Int. Center, Washington DC, New York, Belleville Illinois, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Texas & Florida, USA
2002, Decourtenay Gallery, Mons, Belgium
2002, Art Sud Expo, Palais des Congress, Paris, France
2002, Royal Mirage, Dubai, UAE
2002, Parsmehry Gallery, Maryland, USA
2002, Cultural Center, Kuwait City, Kuwait
2002, Christie's Salerooms, London, UK
2003, Blanche Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Group Exhibitions of "Dena"
2001, Dena exhibitions in Iran: Isfahan & Rafsanjan
2002, Dena exhibition in Iran: Zanjan
2002, Dena exhibitions abroad: Naples Italy, Mrbella Spain, UN Geneva Switzerland, Budapest Hungary, Leiden The Netherlands
2003, Dena exhibitions in Iran: Isfahan Museum & Yazd
2003, Dena exhibitions abroad: EU Parliament Brussels Belgium, Den Haag The Netherlands, Kokkala Museum Finland, Evy France, Helsinki Finland, Rome Italy, Oslo Norway

Other Professional Activities
1972-1977, Design Studio, teaching painting, Tehran
1981-1987, Moaser Studio, teaching painting, Tehran
1998, Jury for Manifestation of Felling Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
2001, Manager of Women Group exhibition, Ejlas Bldg., Tehran
2003, Chairperson for the 6th Painting Biennale of Tehran

1997, Prize at the Ayneh-dar-Ayneh Exhibition, Tehran
2000, Winner of renowned Iranian Women's Award, Tehran
2002, Iranian Women Artists Award, Tehran
2002, Prize at the 2nd Biennale of Islamic Contemporary Painting, Tehran

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب