Aydin Aghdashlou

Born in Rasht, 1940
A son of migrated Azerbaijani family, from USSR.

He was interested in Painting, when he was child. He learned Painting in Habib Mohammadi School. His father died when Aidin was 10, and he came to Tehran with his mother.

In 1950, He started to Accept painting orders, in Armenian Painters Naderi Avenue Gathering for only 5 Rials each.

He learned oil color painting from Bazil, here. He left Fine Arts Faculty of Tehran University, because of his rigid academicism and strict discipline that stopped post-impressionists, and learned himself: Painting, Miniature, Illumination (Tazhib), Tashir (Decorating Manuscript's margins art), Calligraphy, Watercolors, Oil colors especially in the style of Zand and Qajar School, Nightingale Genres, Individual Pieces independent of any manuscript, Art Critic, Writing, History, Teaching, Designing Cover and Books, ...and also English Languages and became a master in each field.
His art library is one of the best.

In 1940, he accompanied with "Thought and Art" magazine in Tehran.

He loved "Sandro Botticelli" art, when he was young. He returned to Botticelli's canvases to use them as source material for his own works and made a new style; After 1979, "Reza Abbasi" was replaced.

1975 : First painting exhibition

1976- 1979 : Establishment of Reza Abbasi Museum, Some exhibitions in Iran and other countries

1979 : Establishment of Private Art School

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب