Venus Arastoonejad

Born in Tehran, Iran
MS in Electrical-Telecommunication Engineering, University of Amir Kabir, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
- Rooz Gallery, Tehran, Iran, October 2013
- Shalman Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, November 2013
- "Abstract", Solo Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, January 2015
- Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran, November 2015
- Virtual Painting Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, January-February 2018
- Abstract Painting Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, April 2018

Group Exhibitions:
- Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), Vancouver, Canada, September 2014
- Fall Group Exhibition, Port Moody Art Council, Port Moody, BC, Canada, September 2015

- Mehregan Festival, Port Moody Art Council, Port Moody, BC, Canada, September 2014
- Celebration of CAG's 5-Year Art Shows, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), Canada, October 2014
- Group Exhibition, Port Moody Art Council, Port Moody, BC, Canada, December 2014
- North Shore Art Crawl Festival, North Vancouver, Canada, March 2015
- Nowrouz Festival, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), Vancouver, Canada, April 2015
- Ferdowsi Festival, Port Moody Art Council, Port Moody, BC, Canada, April 2015
- Celebration of CAG's 6-Year Art Shows, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), Canada, October 2015
- North Shore Art Crawl Festival, North Vancouver, Canada, March 2016

How she paints is more important than what she paints. Venus Arastoonejad was born in Tehran, Iran. She is of the young professional painters in the contemporary art. Before the school age, she got an internal tendency toward the art world and it led her to the most advanced artistic dialogues of her period. She entered into the field of painting from the childhood with her parents’ supports and learned the painting and principles of drawing, from the face to the nature, anatomy, niello, oil color, acrylic, water color, color pencil, and the schools of realism, abstract, cubism, impressionism, surrealism & pop-art at the School of skillful artist, Master Nakhaei. You can find few artists, who change his artistic style gradually and at the same time be decisive to be faithful to his paintings. She never dealt with the reality with an especial skill. The subject of her paintings is the mere painting and the related inspirations and the will to reach the reality and real reflection. Also, the color and different methods of using the color are the main points of her works. Tor her, it is not important, what the subject is, but the process of work is critical.

After completion of preliminary studies, she entered into the university and continued her education up to the master’s degree in the field of Electrical engineering-Telecommunication at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. As she was a professional in this field, she continued her education to the Master’s degree in the field of Electrical Engineering-Electronics, at Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran. It is in this time that she painted her art on canvas with a specific dare and existential understanding. Her paintings in different styles, especially real and abstract styles, show that she draws things as they are and her artistic works introduce the individuals’ mental and inner insight toward themselves. Her paintings show that the realist art only represents a part of the reality. After many years of efforts and artistic experiences, she decided to hold an exhibition of her works in 2013 and held her first individual exhibition on October 2013, at Rooz Gallery in Tehran and immediately on November 2013, she represented her works in Shalman Gallery in Tehran. Because of the power existing in the paintings and after two individual exhibitions in Tehran, her works went beyond the Iran’s boundaries and she held her next exhibition in Caroun Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

Her paintings are always confirmed by the great masters of Iranian art like Master Hossein Mahjoubi and Master Yaghoub Emdadian. Her painting is a travel to the depths of art and she tries to apply new solutions in her artistic style. She rarely paints the visible environment and forces the audience to follow her. Emphasizing that the work is an artistic products, she ponders. Her methods of expression have been transferred into her works and represent her aim. Even her abstract paintings are ironical in terms of feelings and recount unique reality, these are the pictures of the world. For this reason, there is a beautiful coordination therein from the beginning to the end. This is the meaning that is related to the work’s mood and the artist believes that nothing may derange the mysteriousness of her art. The artist may be an abstract expressionist, realist or a cubist. The artist’s soul has selected to express its internal feelings through a way and style, disregarding what she has lost or ignored. Her soul wants to select a way to express itself, without being submitted. No matter what the content is, the fluctuation may be seen in all pictures. As a spectator, we may consider the abstraction as the texture of her painting, while there is no sign of abstract art in her other works. She produces her works as she speaks and the target and aesthetics of the artists have priority. The pacific atmosphere of her works must not keep the audience and spectator away from this reality that she is a great contemporary artist and she is going to be one of the most unique artists in the world.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب