Nafiseh Saadati

Nafiseh Saadati was born in Iran in 1978.She is a painter and photographer.Early in her career she took great interest in painting for children and began holding drawing and painting classes for them in primary schools. She has been involved in several exhibitions.

After receiving her diploma in portrait painting and drawing , she began working in The Intellectual Development For Children And Young Adults (Kanoon-e Parvaresh-e Fekri-e Koodakan va Nojavanan, better known as Kanoon).

She has also carried on her interest in teaching painting and drawing in other institutions such as Hamrang institute. She has been involved in numerous painting exhibitions. She continuously held exhibitions between 2008 - 2010. Furthermore, she held an exhibition in 2011 and recently, in 2016 an individual exhibition for the still-life.

In her paintings, she tries to bear witness to the same way people see the world. In her works, she consistently draws attention to this fact that man has an inner tendency towards works of art. As it has been pointed out by Oscar Wild "art is the main key for understanding life", she also invites people to embrace the artistic work by creating her own world and sharing her views of life with them. Nafiseh believes that painting is an emotional reality and her main aim is to inspire people to find an aesthetic sense of life within themselves.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب