Minoo IranPour

Minoo Iranpour Mobarakeh
Born in Isfahan, Iran, 1964
Art diploma in Film Making, Isfahan, 1987
BA in Fine Art, Azad University, Tehran, 1993
MA in Art Research, University of Tehran, 2002
Member of the Painters Society of Isfahan, Iran
Juror at Art Festivals & Exhibitions since 2005
Six Articles in Art Magazines 2001-7

Individual Exhibitions:
- Art Gallery, Isfahan, Painting, 2001
- Naghshkhune Gallery, Isfahan, Painting & Video art, 2004
- Tarahan Azad Gallery, Tehran, Video art, 2008
- Naghshkhuneh Gallery, Isfahan, Photo & Video art, 2008
- FARSHCHIAN Culture Center, Cinema, Isfahan, Video arts, 2009
- Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Video art, 2009

Group Exhibitions:
- 4th Isfahan Short Film Festival, Iran, 1988
- 6th Vahdat Short Film & Photo Festival, Tabriz, documentary film, Iran, 1988
- Isfahan 5th Short Film Festival, photo, Iran, 1989
- Isfahan 6th Short Film Festival, short film, Iran, 1990
- The First Festival of Fifth Region Short Film Isfahan, short film, Iran, 1991
- 10th VAHDAT Short Film & Photo Festival, Tabriz, Photo, Iran, 1992
- The Second Biennial Painting exhibition, Tehran, Iran, 1994
- Classic Art Gallery, Isfahan, Painting, Iran, 1995
- International Golden Camera Festival of Short Film, Hamburg, Germany, 1995
- Art Gallery of the University of Tehra, Painting, Iran, 1999
- Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Civilizations Talk Exhibition, Painting, Iran, 2000
- 19th International Short Film Festival, Tehran, Short documentary, Iran, 2002
- TALAR VAHDAT Gallery, Tehran Expo Exhibition, Painting, Iran, 2004
- Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, Painting, Iran, 2005
- Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, New Art, Iran, 2006
- Tehran 11th International/8th National Short Film Festival, Iran, 2006
- Museum Fur Neue Kunst, Freiburg, Germany, curate by Nicoletta Torcelli and Isabel Herda Video Art, Iran, 2006
- Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Painting, Iran, 2007
- Naghshkhuneh Gallery, Isfahan, Drawing, Iran, 2007
- Bagh Bahadoran, Land art, installation, Isfahan area, Iran, 2007
- International Film Festival INVIDEO, Milan, Italy, Video Art, 2007
- Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Caroun Photo Club (CPC) First Annual Photography Exhibition, Iran, October 2007
- Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran, Caroun Photo Club (CPC) Second Annual Photography Exhibition, Iran, February 2007
- Global Generation exhibition, Freiburg, Germany, Video Art, 2008
- Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Annual Exhibition, Painting, Iran, 2008
- The Second Annual Exhibition, Isfahan, Painting, Iran, 2009
- Saba Cultural Center, Tehran, Painting, Iran, 2009
- Club Khorshid, Yazd, Work shop, video art, Iran, 2009
- Athens Video art festival 2010, Video Art, Greece, 2010
- Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, 6th Exhibition of Iranian Female Artists "Manifestation of Feeling", Video art, 2010
- A Letter From Iran, video Exhibition, IGATU, Brazil, 2010
- Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan, Video art, Iran, 2010
- Saba Cultural Center, Tehran, Painting, Iran, 2010
- Matn Gallery, Isfahan, Installation "GHAEM", Iran, 2011
- Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, Painting, November 2011
- Caroun Photo Club (CPC) 5th Annual Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, December 2011
- Pinnacle Hotel, North Vancouver, Canada, Painting, March 2012
- Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, October, Painting, 2012
- Caroun Photo Club (CPC) 6th Annual Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, December 2012
- North Shore Art Crawl, North Vancouver, Canada, Painting, April 2013
- Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, Photography, June 2013

- The first prize for Painting, Civilizations Talking Exhibition, Isfahan, 1999
- The second prize for Botte Termeh, Isfahan Youth Film Making Festival, 1998
- The Silver prize of the international Golden Camera festival in Hamburg, Germany for "SHADOW OF LIGHT", short film documentary, 1995
- The silver prize of the International Golden Camera Festival in Hamburg, Germany, 1995
- The first prize for Photo, Isfahan youth film making society festival, 1990
- Selected works at CPC 2010 Vancouver Annual Photo Competition: CPC Honorable Mentions

Caroun Photo Club (CPC)