Tary Majidi
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tary Majidi identify herself as an international artist. During her stay in India, she graduated from New Delhi Art College in 1991. She continued her sculpting and modern art training in Vancouver - Canada since 2003. This further reflected 3D ideas into her paintings. She has lived and traveled all around the world which has allowed her to learn and experience different cultures. This profile has given her many ideas for her art work.

Tary says in general I enjoy art because I can express myself and tell story with my creations. Her art work usually represents peace, love, unity, humanity and nature. She believes the greatest inspiration for art work come from nature, life and society.

In the recent years, she works on new ideas particularly on Mix media and sculpture incorporating oriental and modern arts. Her painting media includes acrylic with mixed media and her sculpture work media is Patinated Terracotta.

Tary is member of Federation of Canadian Artists. She has been involved in many fundraising and charity events.

1991: New Delhi, India (Group show Vasantvihar Art Gallery)
1992: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Group show, Hilton hotel)
1993: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Group show, Majlis gallery)
1994: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Single show, Negarh gallery)
1996: Atlanta, U S A (Group show, Saba gallery)
2001: Vancouver, Canada (Single show, Renoir gallery)
2002: Vancouver, Canada (Group show, Federation of Canadian Artists)
2002: Vancouver, Canada (Single show, Art Pars gallery)
2003: Vancouver, Canada (Group show, Grace church)
2003: Vancouver, Canada (Group show, Capilano mall)
2004: Vancouver, Canada (Group show, The Graffiti co)
2004: Vancouver, Canada (Group show, UNICEF fundraising event)
2006: Vancouver, Canada (Group show, The Graffiti co)
2008: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Joint show with another artist, Sheraton Hotel)
2009: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Joint show with another artist, Quibab Art Gallery)
2010: Vancouver, Canada (Group show), Caroun Art Gallery

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