Nazanin Tanha

Graphic Designer, Painter and Illustrator

In 1997 I attended a four year program for Graphic Design in Art and Architectural Azad University in Tehran. I received my Bachelor degree in 2001. After graduating I started working in advertisement. I managed the graphical aspect of lots of advertising projects including designing logos, catalogues, posters, brochures and etc.
I have held many exhibitions since 2001, including solo exhibitions and group projects. My exhibitions covered several areas of graphic design: Digital graphic design, illustration, painting and calligraphy to name a few. Some were in forms of posters and some were more like digital paintings.

In December 2005, I held a digital painting exhibition in Konya, Turkey for the annual event of the commemoration of Rumi, the Persian poet. A report about this exhibition was covered and broadcasted by the Turkish TV channel Kon TV. Two years later in 2007, which was the 800th anniversary of the death of Rumi, I held a digital painting exhibition in Bamdad Gallery in Tehran. The following week I held another exhibition for the same event in Arasbaran Gallary in Tehran.

In October 2011, I had a Calligraphy exhibition with Gholamreza Tanha in Rayzan International Conference Center in Tehran. Among many attendees were many artists and members of the Calligraphy Association of Iran.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب