Kathryn Bozman
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kathryn was born in Calgary, Alberta on March 20, 1956. She moved around in BC with her parents who finally settled in North Vancouver. She was about 11 years old.

Active in the visual arts from her early youth, Kathryn chose many varied mediums to express her generally dynamic vision. She is now best by her painting. She has done wood carvings, sculpture, pastels, charcoal etching and photography and developed her own film. She has also tried a little furniture design; however her favorite subjects for art were landscapes and trees.

As a young child, Kathryn liked to sit in the middle of the forest surrounded by trees, lakes and mountains while she painted. Taking time to display her art work, Kathryn has had many exhibits and shows. She also been commissioning at work since she was in junior high school.

As she matured, so did her artwork. After Kathryn became a quadriplegic, she settled down to a major painting spree and her paintings were sold to many collectors. Kathryn kept painting after she married Eric who helped her take her paintings to more galleries and shows. She has painted mostly water colour.

Kathryn has had a long career in painting. In 2005 she got double pneumonia which put her into a coma for about 6 months where she lost her fine, intricate hand function. The paintings that you see here at Caroun Gallery are the last remaining of her paintings before 2005. She has started painting again but her style is more abstract.

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