Homa Eftekhar
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Born in 1949, Tehran, Iran

2002 -2006, Fine Arts Program, UBC Vancouver, Canada
1979-1983, Private painting classes, Tehran, Iran
1975-1979, MS, Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
1970-1974, BS, Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

-January 2008-present,Watercolor painting Instructor, West Vancouver Community Center, West Vancouver, Canada
-2006 Watercolor painting Instructor, Round House Community Center, Vancouver, Canada
-January 2001- Present, Watercolor painting Instructor, Coal Harbor Community Center, Vancouver, Canada
-1994-1999, Teaching Watercolor Painting Workshops, Tehran, Iran
-1980-1985 Fashion Designer, private, Tehran, Iran
-1975-1979, Legal Dept, IDRO, Tehran, Iran
-1974-1975, Legal Dept, ISIRI, Tehran, Iran

- 1996 “Love Songs” collection of 10 paintings
- 1994 “The Glory of Past”, collection of 12 paintings
- Publishing more than 100 Posters & post cards

- 1964 & 1963 Gold Medals, Iran National High Schools’ Art Competitions, Ramsar, Iran
- 1964 & 1963, Silver Medals, Provincial High Schools’Art Competitions, Tehran, Iran
- Gold Coin,”Golestaneh”, Flowers Painting Competition, Tehran Municipality’s, Tehran, Iran

- 45 solo and group Exhibitions, Tehran, Isfahan, Ankara, and Istanbul
- Solo Show, West Vancouver Memorial Library Gallery, 2003, West Vancouver, Canada
- Group Show, West Vancouver Memorial Library Gallery, 2003
- Group Shows, UBC, MS Gallery, 2002, 2003, 2004. Vancouver, Canada
- Group Show, SFU, Center A, 2007, Vancouver, Canada

I chose watercolor as my painting medium. I love its versatility, transparency, spontaneity, cleanness and fastness. When I started as a novice watercolorist, I was told that the medium is an unforgiving one. Once it’s on the paper, it can’t be fixed. The statement was wrong. Through trial and error, I found out that there are many techniques to paint in watercolor, but there are a lot more techniques for fixing a painting.

I also was told that watercolor is not a versatile medium. But by hard work I realized that the medium is a versatile one, if only all its hidden potentials are discovered and tried. To make this medium more effective and versatile, all the subjects should not be painted in a single style. Furthermore, artists should be versatile so that they can shift from one regular style to another according to their subject’s needs.

I choose subjects suitable for proving the versatility of watercolor medium. I express ideas, moods, thoughts, and concepts in my paintings in a way that would challenge my art viewer’s imagination to emotionally, mentally, and intellectually participate in completing the paintings.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب