Shirzad Hussein

Born in Arbil, Kurdistan, Iraq, 1950
Bachelor in English language, Almustansarieh University, Baqdad
16 Years teaching English language

1997, A speech in Finland: “New Answer to Old Question”; and after the conference, he migrated to Finland, but, after 6 months, he returned back to Iraq.
Now (2003), he lives in Suleimanieh, Kurdistan, Iraq, writing novels and working for a UN institute.

His father was a hard-heart police, a patriarch, so, the basic themes of his novels and stories is based on patriarchy.

He has published 14 works, until 2003:

1- “No Life without Book”, short story, 1977
2- “Loneliness”, collection of short stories, 1983
3- “Black Flower”, collection of short stories, 1988
4- “Wall and My Father’s Stones”, short novel, 1996
5- “Scarecrow Zone”, short story, 1996
6- “Widespread of Killed Gazelles”, short story, 2001
7- “Fog on Valley”, novel, 2003
8- Six translation from English (1986-2001) and one from Arabic (2002)

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