Mostafa Eslamieh
Writer, Translator

Born in 1942, Tehran
Darol-Fonoun High School, diploma, Tehran
Post graduate studies in English Literature, London, England
Translator and editor of Farsi version of UNESCO Courier since 1982
Editor in chief of Iranian National Film Archive Quarterly (1989-1991)

The Cinema of Luis Bunuel, by Freddy Buache; Pub: Shiraz Art Festival Organization, 1973
Experimental Theatre, From Stanislavsky to Peter Brook, by James Roose Evans; Pub: Soroush Press, 1990
Markers of the Modern World, by Louis Untermeyer; Markaz Publishing, 1993
A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth; Alborz Publishing, 1995
A History of Modern Art, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, by H. H. Arnason; Agah Publishing, 1996
Cecil B. De Mille, (from the Moviemakers), by Alic Fleming; Pub: Cultural Research Bureau, 1995
The Nature of the Camera, (from Into Film), by Jay Kaufman & Laurence Goldstein; Pub: Cultural Research Bureau, 1996
Cossette, The Sequel of Les Miserables, by Laura Kalpakian; Alborz Publishing, 1996
Letter to Felice, by Frantz Kafka; Niloufar Publishing, 1999
Diaries, by Frantz Kafka; Niloufar Publishing, 1999
Baltasar and Blimunda, by Jose Saramago; Niloufar Publishing, 1999
The Inaugural Speech of Adolf Hitler to the 1935 German Art Exhibition in Munich, Farzan Publishing
On Cubism, by Guillaume Apolinaire; Digar Publishing
My Beloved Planet, by Claire Merlaue Ponty & Sylvie Girardet; UNESCO Publication Center in Iran, 1997
Philosophies of Arts, by Peter Kivy; Pub: Cultural Research Bureau, 2001
The Age of Participation, by Patricia Mclagan & Christo Nel; Pub: Cultural Research Bureau, 1998
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, by Tom Stoppard; Niloufar Publishing, 2002
The Encyclopedia of Democracy, edited by Martin Lipset; Pub: Foreign Ministry's Library
The Encyclopedia of Nationalism, edited by Alexander J. Motyl; Pub: Foreign Ministry's Library

Original Writings:
17 Shahrivar, a play in 4 acts; Kelk Publishing, 1979
Khorshid Shah, an abridged & rewritten of "Samak Ayar"; Pub: Tondar Publishing, 1989
Reza Khan Maxim, a biographical 7 acts play based on the Rise and Fall of Reza Shah Pahlavi; Agah Publishing, 1993
Donbaleh Maskh ya Baz-gasht Gregor Samsa (The Sequel to Metamorphosis or the Return of Gregor Samsa); Niloufar Publishing, 2000
Foulad-Ghalb, a biography of Dr. Mosadegh; Niloufar Publishing, 2002

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