Morteza Momayez
Graphic Designer

August 26,1936, Tehran - October 25, 2005
- BA in Painting, 1964, Fine Art Faculty, Tehran University
- Post Graduate, 1968, Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratives, Paris
- Languages: Persian, French and English
- Scope: Poster, Logo, Publication Design, Illustration, Advertising, Typography and Packaging.

Professional Practice
- 1952-58, Illustration and design for several Iranian newspapers and magazines
- 1958-63, Designer Art, Director, Pars Studio
- 1963-66, Seven Up Corporation Iran Department
- 1957-97, Art and Creative Director for following art and cultural publications: Iran Abad, Keihan Hafteh, Farhang, Kavosh, Negin, Farhang and Zendegi, Roudaki, Mohit Ensani, Kelk, Negah No, Cinema, Architecture and Art of Iran, Sharif, Tasvir, Faslnameh Khavarmianeh, Goftego, Payam Emrouz, Zaman, Sharif

- 1971-73, Creative direcror and designer in Tehran International Film Festival
- 1970-2005, Lecture in Graphic Design Dept., Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
- 1977-2005, Member of AGI
- 1998-2005, Chairman of Iranian Graphic Designer Society (IGS)
- 1999, Chairman of 6th Iranian Graphic Design Biennale

- 1973 What is Graphic Design?, Tehran, Iran
- 1974, Graphic Art in Iran, Tehran, Iran
- 1983, Signs (Artist's Designs), Tehran, Iran
- 1984, Plakate/Posters (Artist's Designs), Tehran, Iran
- 1989, Illustration and Imagination (Artist's Designs), Tehran, Iran
- 2001, Book Cover Design (Artist's Designs), Tehran, Iran
- 2001, Signs 2 (Artist's Designs), Tehran, Iran

- 37 articles from (1969-1991) in Art
Published by Iranian, British and Columbia University (USA)

- Seven interviews with magazines since (1996-1998) in Art

- He had 5 lectures in Iran and Turkey since 1998-2000. Also there are written 73 articles in non-Iranian magazines about him.

Group exhibitions
- 74 common exhibitions in Iran, Germany, France, America, Belgium, Finland and Yugoslavia

Individual exhibitions
- Eight individual exhibitions since 1960-1993 in Tehran and 2 individual exhibitions in Germany (1986-1988)

Movies Festivals
- Six festivals from 1971 in Tehran and 6 festivals in Moscow, Spain, France, Hungary, Lebanon

Foundation of Graphic Faculty in Tehran University, teaching in Universities, member of Jury of Graphic and Animation Exhibitions in Iran and Europe countries, was of his activities.
He has won a number of prizes for his works.

Caroun Photo Club (CPC)