Seyed Hossein Mirkhani

Expert in Nastaliq script
Born in 1907, Tehran, Iran
Father: Morteza, born in Lilian (Baraqan), who was also lived in India and had many handwritten books.
Mother: Born in Shiraz

Seyed Hossein Mirkhani learned calligraphy from his father and started producing handwritten books, when he was eleven, with Sadi's books, whom he loved.

Later, he, a religious man, became expert in Nastaliq. He was one of the founders and also the teacher of "Association of Iranian Calligraphers".

- 1941, Married with "Zinatolmolouk Mokhber Farahmand" and had 4 daughters and a son
- 1959, Wrote Quran (Muslim's Holly Book) with Nastaliq script.
He received the "First Grade Art" medal from Iran War Ministry and a letter of commendations from Alazhar University of Egypt for his Quran.
- 1960, Again, wrote Quran, but with large script
Then, he forgot his knowledge on Iranian Traditional Music, which has learned from "Baqer Rameshgar", "Hossein Ismail-zadeh" and "Reza Mahjoubi".
- 1966, Travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia
- 1967, Travel to Karbala, Iraq
- 1968, Travel to Tabriz
- 1969, Travel to Meshed
- 1979, Became blind, because of diabetes
- 1980, Travel to Meshed
- 1982, Deceased
- 1989, In his memorial, an Iranian stamp was printed

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب