Since his curriculum in Boroujerd


Middle Age

Iranian Researchers: Iranologist, Historian, Researcher, Writer
Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub


Born in March 17, 1922, Boroujerd, Iran
Deceased September 17, 1999
Primary school: Boroujerd
In his high school, he learned also philosophy, Arabic literature and religious courses. In the last year of high school, he came to Tehran and achieved the second degree for his diploma (Literature) in the country.

1941 A short time in university (Law)
Came back to Boroujerd and became a teacher
Learning Deutsch and Italian
1944 Published his first book, which was written for years ago: "Philosophy of Poem"
1945 Returned to Tehran
Entered University: Literature Faculty
1948 With first graduated from university
1949 PHD in university
Editor of "Mehregan" magazine for 5 years
1951 Commenced in translating essays for EI encyclopedia, printed in Holland
1953 Married with "Qamar Arian"
1955 His thesis: "Poem Critic, History and Basis"
1956 Teaching in Tehran University: History of religions, History of Islam, History of word
Director of "Translation & Publication Book Co."
1960 Professor in Tehran University
Teaching in Tehran High Faculty & PHD in Literature
Commenced with Franklin Word Institute
1963 Editor of "Guide Book" magazine
Commenced with "Sokhan" (Speech), "Yaqma", "New World", "Science", "Science & Life", "Love & Culture of Iran",... magazines
1968 Professor in Princeton and California universities, USA: Teached History of Iran and History of Mysticism


1970 Learning Spanish
1970 Literature Faculty of Tehran University
1976 Director of Literature Faculty of Tehran University (one year)


Researching on Molavi Works, France
1982 Commenced with Iran Topology Organization to prepare atlas of Iran and also with Islamic Encyclopedia Center.
He had many travels all over the world, visiting libraries, museums, science institutes and accompanied in numerous conferences.
Ali Dehbashi has printed a book "Zarrin Report Card", in memory of Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub, 2000, in 974 pages.





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