Yahya Zoka

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Yahya Zoka
Born in Tabriz, Iran
Father: Employee of Bank Melli Iran
High schools: "Tamaddon" and "Firouz Bahram" in Tehran, Literature Field
University: Literature Faculty, graduated in "Archeology"
Military Service: Azerbaijan
Trainee in Library of Law Faculty
Commenced with Art and Culture Ministry:
- Director of Anthropology Museum
- Director of Decorative Art museum
- Director of National Library
- Consultant of Art and Culture Ministry
- Cooperated with "Negarestan" and "Reza Abbasi" Museum
Books, Essays and Publications
1947-8 Published Kasravi's essays
1952 Published "Kaf-nameh" of Kasravi
1947-54 Cooperated with "Said Nafisi" group to correct and change Persian alphabet
1954 "Galin Qieh Dialect" book (about a dialect of Azerbaijan)
"Karnigan Dialect" book (about a dialect of Azerbaijan)
1956 Published "Forty Essays of Kasravi"
1957 Published "Word Book of Kasravi"
"Gem" book
"Imperial Jewels"
1958 "Clothes of Iranian Women from 19th century to now" book
Published his thesis "Gipsy and his (her) life"
1959 Gathered and published "Abbas Iqbal" notes on "Ministry in Seljuq Kings Era"
1976 Published "Karvand Kasravi"
"About changing the Alphabet"
1989 "Earthquakes of Tabriz" book in history
"Sharafodoleh Biography Newspaper"
1997 "History of Photography and Pioneers in Iran" book
A critic on "Iranian Photographers Treasures"
2000 Some essays on "Remaining of Azerbaijan Language", in different magazines
Collection of essays "About People of Azerbaijan"
"Papier Macher" book
He has also published:

- Museums of Iran
Three books on the army of Iran:
- History of Passing in Review and Marching in Iran
- Iranian Imperial Army from Cyrus to Pahlavi
About paintings in governmental buildings:
- Iranian Artistic Works in Ministry Building
Some essays on painting in Qajar period about "Mohammad Zaman", "Saniolmolk", "Mahmoud Khan Malekoshoara" and "Ismail Jalayer"
About Qajar buildings:
- History of Royal Citadel in Tehran and guide to Golestan Palace
- Tehran in Pictures, two volumes


"Persian words remained in Azerbaijan language, in today's dialect" is a non-published book of him.
He was a member of the editor group of "Tavous" (Peacock) magazine in his last years of life (2000-1).



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